Robert Bane opened it's doors in 1983 after discovering the alluring and sensuous art of Olivia DeBerardinis. From that time through the present, Robert Bane and his companies have become well known and admired for its unique solo and group exhibitions of recognized and emerging artists. Often on the cutting edge, and always thought provoking and provocative, Robert Bane has a rich history of creating for it's collectors highly sought after artwork.

    As we enter the 21st Century, Robert Bane and his business partner, artist, Fabian Perez, have positioned themselves to exhibit the extraordinary art of internationally acclaimed latin artist Fabian Perez to a global market of collectors and dealers. Robert Bane and Fabian Perez have taken the art market in the United Kingdom and the USA into a overwhelming and exciting new direction with the remarkable paintings , and hand-enhanced, and hand signed, and numbered limited edition giclees. One can only wonder at what new and exciting possibilities artistically await future generations as we have entered the new millennium. You can be assured that fine art publisher Robert Bane and artist Fabian Perez will meet the challenge and leave a lasting legacy legacy for future art historians and collectors to admire and contemplate.


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Special thanks to my business partner and friend, Fabian Perez, for his extraordinary artistic ability, his kind nature, and his amazing friendship. To my darling wife Tamara Bane, for her artistic, and emotional support, and the great love we share. To Luciana Perez, for her artistic contributions, her great friendship, and her inspiration. To Camila Perez, who inpires us all with her gentle nature and beautiful smile. To my sons, Arthur and Alex, who inspire me everyday to be the best I can and for their unconditional love. To my parents, for their consistent love and support throughout my life. To our friends Cale, for their extraordinary musical contribution.

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